YuJa is the University’s new learning capture platform, available to all staff from January 2022. This is your opportunity to get comfortable with the system, ask questions and plan how you wish to incorporate it into teaching from the 2022/23 academic year.

There is no obligation for you to use this technology from January. The 2021/22 Teaching & Learning Framework remains the same and the current MS Stream to Blackboard integration remains the main learning capture technology at Reading for the remainder of the academic year.

YuJa quick demonstration:

This short video gives you an overview of the YuJa system.

Help with using YuJa

Here you’ll find information about using and making the most of the YuJa Learning Capture

YuJa allows you to

Once uploaded you can

Before you can begin using YuJa, you must create your account via Blackboard.

To do this, create a Tool Link for YuJa in any Blackboard Module and click the link.

This will create your YuJa account and you will receive a confirmation email.

Clicking the link in a Blackboard Module will also create a Channel for that Module in YuJa. You will need to create Channels for any Module to which you wish to publish YuJa content.

YuJa uses single sign-on.

If you are already logged in to Blackboard, and you access YuJa via your Blackboard course, you will be automatically logged in to YuJa.

If accessing YuJa directly, use your normal University of Reading credentials.

Accessing YuJa

You can access YuJa

When logging in to the desktop app, make sure 'Single Sign-On' is selected, then Sign In.
Screenshot of the YuJa app signon screen
If you have any difficulties opening the app this way, go into YuJa on the web. Select Create Recording from the top of the screen
Screenshot of the Create Recording link on the top menu

then choose Record from your Windows PC or Mac.
Create Recording - Record from PC or Mac
If you have the desktop application installed, it will open and log you in automatically.

Managing your profile and notification settings

See User Account Settings.

You may find, once you start using YuJa, that you want to Customise the Notifications you receive.

Record videos

Video editing

Once uploaded to YuJa you can make simple edits to your video, before sharing them with other users.

Uploading existing video content

As well as recordings made using YuJa, you may have video files you wish to upload to YuJa. These could include videos:

  • Created in PowerPoint
  • Created in Teams
  • Created in Stream
  • Created in Collaborate
  • Created on your phone
  • Created in Camtasia or other software
  • Sourced from elsewhere (N.B. Please ensure you are complying with any copyright restrictions on such files)

 In all these of these cases you will have a video file in a format such as MP4, webm, MOV.

Enter the Yuja Media Library directly, or via a link from Blackboard.  From here you can:

Accepted File formats

Formats supported by YuJa include: wmv, .asf, .flv, .f4v, .f4a, .avi, .mp3, .mpg, .mpeg, .mps, .ps, .mp2, .m2v, .m2a,.ts, .tsv, .tsa, .mts, .m2ts, .tod, .mp4, .m4a, .m4v, .3gp, .mov, .mts (AVCHD), Flash video, .webm, .mxf, .dv., .docx, .pdf., .srt, .vtt, .txt, .csv, .xlsx, .pptx, .psd.

See YuJa supported formats

Please note: YuJa does not accept SWF files.

Sharing content with a Blackboard Module

You can embed individual YuJa videos inside a Blackboard content item or tool (for instance inside a Blackboard Journal, Blog, Discussion Board or Test) using the YuJa Media Chooser in the content editor. This allows you to add videos in-line with content in your Blackboard Module and will look the same as your embedded Stream videos.
Every Blackboard course in which you have clicked a YuJa link will have a corresponding YuJa Channel.

You can collate all videos associated with a specific Blackboard module by Publishing to the Channel for a Blackboard module. This will function like the Microsoft Stream area in your content menu and will require students to click a YuJa link in a module to gain access.

Sharing videos with University of Reading staff and students

You can Share a video with one or more named people. See Sharing Media.

YuJa Media Library option to Share video

To share with multiple people, without wishing to specify them one-by-one, click on More to open up the video properties.

YuJa Media Library - More option

Then choose Link, and copy the Direct Link.
You can share that URL (for instance by email) with anyone with a University of Reading account, and they will be able to access your video.

See Sharing Content Using Direct Links or Embed Codes.

To make a video available to a Blackboard course, you can simply embed your video in the course, and/or Publish your video to a Channel.

Sharing videos with external users

To share videos with people outside the university, you can

  • Send them a shared link to a video or folder
  • Set your video privacy to Public, then embed the video inside a website.

See the YuJa article Sharing Media with External Users.

Create and Share Playlists (Folders)

Creating and sharing video playlists

Managing Videos in Folders

It is important to understand the difference between Folders and Channels in YuJa (in particular a 'Channel'  in Yuja is quite different from a channel in MS Stream).

Folders and Channels

Channel = set of permissions for a Blackboard course

There will be a Channel for each of your Blackboard courses.
Permission is given to members of the Blackboard course to view the video by publishing it to the Channel.
See Publishing to the Channel for a Blackboard course.

Folder = way of organising videos in ‘My Media’

Folders can be created in your My Media library allowing you to organise your material.

Screenshot to show the icons for switching between list and tile view of courses

If you teach on lots of modules, you will soon find that having all of your videos in the main My Media area becomes unmanageable.

To help organise your content, you might set up separate folders for each module and/or for different topics.

You can also generate a link to the Folder (or 'Playlist'), and use that link to provide students or other users with access to all of the videos in the Folder.

In some cases you may want to give colleagues editing rights to the a folder - see Sharing a Folder.

You can’t create a Folder inside a Channel. But you can create a Sub-Channel in a Channel, and this acts much like a folder.
See https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051093294-Using-Sub-Channels-in-your-Media-Channels

Privacy settings in YuJa

The default privacy setting on content added to Yuja is "Portal Authentication" - this means that, when you share a link to a video, anyone with a University of Reading account will be able to use that link to watch your video.


  • your video won't be found by other users unless you create a link and share it
  • you can control the settings on each of your videos, for instance make them private, or require users to have a password to view them. See this YuJa article for how to set video permissions.

For more detail see YuJa Privacy Settings.

Guidance for video creators

Your videos will be auto-captioned and have features designed to enhance accessibility when viewing videos.

Guidance for video viewers

It will be possible for students to upload videos to YuJa as part of a Blackboard assignment submission.

Guidance coming soon.

YuJa authentication issues:

  • Please ensure "Third party cookies" are allowed in your browser settings.
  • If using Chrome or Edge you will need to "Allow all cookies".
  • Mac users: if using Safari, please also ensure "Prevent Cross site Tracking" is disabled.
    Guidance on how to apply the required settings on Apple devices.