Online submission: presentations and video submissions

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Where students would have made an assessed presentation in class, they can be asked to record their presentation and submit it to Blackboard; or take part in a live presentation via Teams or Collaborate.

Where a student or marker is experiencing poor internet connectivity this may affect the quality and success of a live presentation, or the upload, display and download of presentation files. Please consider internet connectivity when dealing with presentations online.


What format will the presentation take?

Live online presentation

Via Teams or Collaborate.

See Live online student presentations (TEL website) for advice.


Recorded presentation

Students pre-record their presentation and submit it to Blackboard.

In many ways, submitting recorded presentations direct to a Blackboard Assignment is the ideal submission route.

However, recordings can be large in terms of file size, and thus pose problems when using online submission.

The table below summarises the options available, and the pros and cons of each.

Recorded presentations – summary of the options available (Word doc)

Talking head and/or showing physical object.

e.g. Spoken language test where it is important to be able to verify the speaker’s identity, video diary, video description of physical object.

Students can use their phone to record then submit direct to Blackboard (if under 10mins) or, for larger files

Slides plus voice – no video.

Unless having video is essential, this is a good option to minimise file size.

Students can submit the Powerpoint file to a Blackboard assignment.

Slides plus voice and video of the presenter.

This is likely to result in a large file which some students will struggle to submit to Blackboard. It may be preferable to require students to


Group presentations

Group presentations add some complexity for students in terms of collaborating on a single document, but use of their University OneDrive makes this achievable. Students can set up a Teams meeting to record their presentation. They do not need to have their own Team to do this, although they can request a Teams space to facilitate collaboration on files / recording of presentations.

Only Blackboard assignments support providing the same mark and feedback to a group of students at once.

N.B. Blackboard group assignments require some kind of submission from each Group (even if it’s just a OneDrive or YouTube link) before marking can take place.


Student guidance

Recording a Presentation for submission through Blackboard