Gradescope: Managing marks and feedback

The release of marks and feedback is managed from the Gradescope Review Grades screen.


For assessments where you want students to be able to view their marks and feedback, when all marking and moderation is complete you can Publish Grades.

This will enable students to see their feedback inside Gradescope.

See the Gradescope guide Reviewing Grades: Publish and notify students.

In addition you will need to post the marks to Blackboard.

Please note – Publishing and posting marks

  • Publishing and Posting the marks are completely independent of each other.
  • Marks and feedback are only visible to students in Gradescope when you Publish Grades.
    Once ‘Publish Grades’ has been pressed, as soon as a mark is entered in Gradescope the student will be able to view it.
  • However you have to press ‘Post grades to Blackboard’ every time you want to send marks to Blackboard.


The situation is different for exams, since you do not want students to be able to see markers’ comments, nor their mark for individual questions.


If marks are not Published, students will see neither marks nor feedback in Gradescope.

You can post the marks to Blackboard, and then send them to RISIS, which is where students should see their exam marks.

Post marks to Blackboard

In Blackboard


If you have chosen Gradescope as the Mode of Submission in RISIS, the EMA integration will create a weighted total column for the assessment (or two if your School uses separate On-time and Post-deadline submission points). The Weighted total column can be mapped to the Grade Centre column for the relevant Gradescope assignment.

N.B. Having separate Gradescope assignments for students submitting after the deadline enables you to release marks after 15 days to those who submitted on time, without immediately revealing marks for those who submitted after the deadline.

The Grade Centre columns for Gradescope assignments should remain hidden from students until you are ready to show them their marks in Blackboard. The IC columns can be permamently hidden from students.


The EMA integration will create a single weighted column for each Exam.

You will need to map this column to the Grade Centre column for the Gradescope exam.

In Gradescope

  • Go to the Roster area of the Gradescope course and Sync the Roster.
  • Go to the Assignments area, open the relevant assignment from the list, and then Review Grades.
  • Click Post Grades to Blackboard.
    Screenshot of the Review Grades screen, highlighting Post Grades
  • The ‘Post Grades to Blackboard’ screen appears.
    Check that the correct assignment is showing under ‘LINKED BLACKBOARD ASSIGNMENT’, then Post Grades.
    Screenshot of the Post Grades to Blackboard screen

See Posting grades on the Gradescope help site.

If the ‘Post Grades’ button is not visible, this means that you have not yet linked to the Gradescope assignment from Blackboard.
Follow the instructions in the article Create a Gradescope assignment.

In Blackboard

  • For coursework only: reveal the Grade Centre column to students.
  • Go to Mark Approval and Transfer to send the marks to RISIS.

Exporting Marks

It is also possible simply to export marks from Gradescope to a CSV file, so you can work with them in Excel.

See Exporting Assignment Grades

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