Ultra: YuJa Video link

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This guide relates to Blackboard Learn ULTRA 

YuJa is a Learning Capture tool used to record in-class lectures, making screencasts and to provide video storage for teaching and learning.

In Blackboard Learn Ultra there are two YuJa LTI tools

YuJa Video

The main way of collating video resources for a Blackboard course is to publish the videos to the relevant Channel. This makes the content accessible to all course members. See Publishing to a Channel.

To allow students quick access to the channel from your course add a link to YuJa.

Add a YuJa Video link

To add the course YuJa link to your course content area Click the plus sign and select Content Market.

Add Content plus button menu selecting content market

The Content Market has a selection of LTI tools. There are two YuJa LTI tools, media chooser and video.

Select the plus sign in the YuJa Video option to add the tool.

YuJa Video tile in the content market. Plus button in bottom right corner highlighted.

The YuJa link will be added to the Course Content.  You can use the visibility settings to make it visible to students or set Release Conditions.

The YuJa link will allow students to access your content in the module or organisation playlist.

YuJa Video Link in content area

When you have added the YuJa link to the Course Content you will have some edit options such as changing the name of the item, setting visibility options, and allowing a Class Conversation.

screenshot of YuJa link editing options

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