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Key Topic: Learning Activities

Digital Learning Activities in Ultra

For pedagogic guidance see the TEL toolkit Digital Learning Activities.

Key information

Digital Learning Activities can be used for scheduled, self-scheduled or independent study. They can include activities such as online readings and guided screencasts/ videos, alongside practical activities, reflective writing, online discussion and quizzing.

If you need to make use of a specific technology that is not listed here (or found in the site search) then please raise a service desk ticket.

How it works?

Blackboard Ultra core tools include a Journal â€“ for reflective activity that prompts students to make a series of solo entries over a chosen duration, Discussions â€“ for collaborative activity that can facilitate online discussion between instructor/students/peers, Tests â€“ for benchmarking activity that allows students to gauge their own understanding of their learning through answering questions.

Digital Learning activities can also be facilitated in Ultra via third-party tools in Content Market or linked/embedded via Microsoft 365 apps.

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Guide last updated on July 4, 2024

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