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Add Content to a Blackboard Learn Ultra Course

There are different ways to add content to your Blackboard Ultra course please attend training and explore our guides for more information.

Key information

Before adding content to your Blackboard Learn Ultra (Ultra) course you will need to consider a number of design elements.  Please check our guidance and training sessions on Content and Structure of your course so that you are given the best advice on how to plan your course and add content in the most effective way. Course templates will be used to provide consistency across modules.

How it works?

To add content to your Ultra course go to the Course Content area and hover over the dividing line, where you would like the new content to appear, until it turns purple and a plus sign icon appears. Click on the plus sign icon to see the add content menu. The options on the menu are Create, Copy Content, Upload, Content Market (LTI tools page) and Content Collection. 

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Guide last updated on February 23, 2024

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