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Assignments in Blackboard Ultra: Key changes

There are some key differences between Blackboard Tests in Blackboard Learn original and Blackboard Learn Ultra.


Keeping in line with current EMA practices when Blackboard Assignment modes of submission are selected the RISIS to Blackboard integration will provide the submission point and corresponding column on the Ultra course.

When a submission point has been provided in an Ultra course the procedure is:

  • Go to Assignment Learning Module
  • Change name of or create an assignment folder
  • Move submission point into the assignment folder (the RISIS created submission points will be at the bottom of the course content area).
  • Edit the submission point as required (i.e. attach a rubric)
  • The submission point will not be visible to students
  • Change visibility as required. 

Prepopulated elements

  • The due date and point possible will be set

For Modes of submission that require you to manually set up a  Blackboard assignment follow the workflow: 

  1. Go to Assignments Learning Module
  2. Change name of or create an assignment folder
  3. Create Assignment inside new assignment folder
  4. Add rubric if required.
  5. Change settings and visibility as required. 

Relevant guides

Reusing Rubrics

It is possible to copy blackboard rubrics from an original course to your Ultra course. Please note, however, that all rubrics in Blackboard Ultra courses are scoring rubrics, any qualitative rubrics will copy as a scoring rubric set to zero. 

See our guide on copying rubrics into Ultra for further details. 

Adding Questions to an Assignment

It is possible to add the full array of Test questions to your assignment . The plus sign icon menu will include all question types, click on a question type to add your question.

If you do add a question to an assignment the following functions will disable:

  • Rubrics
  • Peer Review
  • Two markers per student

If you add a question to an assignment rather than create a Test it is possible to apply the anonymous marking option. 

Screenshot of Blackboard Assignment settings when a question has been added.






Guide last updated on May 8, 2024

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