Embracing Postgraduate Opportunities

After studying a BSc in Human Geography at Reading, Scott Moore wasn’t ready to leave. Scott tells CONNECTED how his postgraduate teacher training course became the defining year of his life.

Finding my career path

Despite the many job choices open to a geography graduate, Scott couldn’t find a job that appealed to him. He explains how opting to study a postgraduate teacher training course at Reading opened the door to his perfect career.

Scott said: “I decided to apply for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education [PGCE] at Reading for two specific reasons. Firstly, at the time my studies finished, I had very little idea of what career I wanted to embark upon and this postgraduate course opened up more opportunities to me. Secondly, I have always had a desire to help people and make a difference.

“I also knew that Reading was the right place for me to continue my studies; I had thoroughly enjoyed my three years there on my undergraduate course and didn’t want to leave – Reading just felt right from when I first visited it on an open day to the day I left.”

Gaining independence

Scott enjoyed the fact that his further studies gave him the opportunity to be independent and take control of his own future.

Scott said: “What I loved the most about my postgraduate course was that it was almost entirely independent, but with the safety net of support should I need it. It was refreshing to be able to take practically full responsibility of the job that I was doing as a PGCE student.

“In many ways it allowed me to mature into a fully-fledged, career-minded adult with a clear focus on the future and the ability to reflect helpfully on the past.

“As a Newly Qualified Teacher [NQT], I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the University of Reading and my PGCE course. I have learnt a lot from my studies which I have been able to incorporate into my job, such as data analysis, critical thinking, creative writing and public speaking.

“While at Reading I studied a vast range of subjects and engaged in extracurricular activities – from law and filmmaking to sign language – giving me a variety of skills that I can use outside of my job as well, and sparking a desire to experience new things.”

Go for it

Scott’s advice is to make the most of the opportunities a postgraduate course opens up to you.

Scott said: “The biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone considering a postgraduate course at Reading, is that this will be the defining year of your life. There will naturally be ups and downs and it may not be the best year of your life, but it will definitely be the most important and essential.

“This is your opportunity to gain independence and discover your path. Don’t hesitate to go for it, and make the most of this opportunity.

“Reading has everything you need to succeed as a postgraduate student, so be sure to take full advantage of what it has to offer.”

Alumni discounts

If you are considering returning to Reading for further study, and have already completed a course at the University of Reading, you may be entitled to a discount on the cost of your tuition fees.

Our alumni discount is worth £1,500 and is applied to the first year of tuition fees for full-time students, or split over two years (£750 per year) for part-time students. There is no need to apply for the discount as it is applied automatically for eligible students.

Full details of the eligibility criteria, as well as terms and conditions are available here. You can also contact our Postgraduate Admissions team with any questions.

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