Support Students At Reading

Life at Reading is returning to something resembling ‘normal’ and the campus is once again bustling with life. However, for many of our students financial difficulties are increasing as the cost of living spirals.

With one in four students at Reading coming from lower income households, we have launched a Summer Telephone Campaign to help ensure our students’ ambitions are not disrupted by financial hardship, and for that, support from our alumni community is vital.

Jessica, a current student at the University, has chosen to be a part of our campaign as she wants to do what she can to help other students. She said:

“I really appreciate the value that the University places on students’ well-being and how they try and provide support in any way that they can. Reading is at the forefront of maintaining good relationships with students, staff and alumni, and I am looking forward to speaking to our community and hopefully inspiring them to support students in need.”

For many students the future is unclear and they do not know how they will afford to finish their degree. As the academic year comes to a close, students find they have exhausted their funds regardless of whether they are from savings, work, family or loans. And it’s more important now than ever to make sure our students have the support they so desperately need to complete their studies, and to ensure they are not forced to drop out.

Any support you can give will truly make a difference to the students who need it the most.

Our Summer Telephone Campaign will run from 13 June to 3 July 2022. If you would prefer not to be contacted, please email or call 0118 378 8006.