specifyingKat Lee, lead for the Core Systems Work Stream, and Emma Mayhew attended the Autumn term School of Law meeting and the Humanities School Board of Teaching and Learning. Emma ran through our new deliverables graphic, based on the JISC/Manchester Met assessment and feedback cycle. This shows how the EMA Programme is delivering at every stage of the cycle, from design through to setting, marking, recording and reflection, improving the assessment experience of both staff and students throughout.

Kat outlined the timetable of key events marking our move towards improved sub modular mark availability. She demonstrated the new RISIS screens available for module convenors and personal tutors as well as some of the new assessment reporting capability, a significant step forward for the University in terms of our ability to understand the assessment landscape.

Emma and Kat’s updates prompted a series of questions, as well as excitement, from both schools covering a range of topics from data access to future developments in both assessment and broader learning analytics. Much more information about all of the Programme deliverables outlined at these presentations will be available on this site in the new few weeks!

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