On Thursday 13th June, the EMA team was delighted to welcome colleagues from across a wide range of schools and functions to a celebration in the Senior Common Room.

The event was organised to acknowledge the very significant successes of the Programme across all of our work streams from the delivery of submodular marks on RISIS, new reporting screens, institution wide transition towards online assessment, sector leading integration between Blackboard and RISIS, the development of a new Student Progress Dashboard and significant work to support change processes.

These successes have been recognised externally through our position as a finalist in the e-Assessment Awards and, most recently, as winners of the Blackboard Catalyst Award for Optimising the Student Experience. This was awarded in recognition of the significant and evidenced impact on the learner experience.

During the event Professor Gavin Brooks, EMA Programme Sponsor, thanked the Programme for its hard work and for the significant impact it has had on improving the student and staff assessment experience.

Emma Mayhew, Academic Director of the EMA Programme said that we have only been able to deliver such a successful Programme as a direct result of the significant amount of work carried out by all colleagues involved. Without the generous support, expertise, advice, time and encouragement of so many across the university we would not have been able to achieve so much. The Programme’s success and the Blackboard Catalyst Award trophy belong to everyone who has participated so generously.