After 7 months of preparation, development and testing, the Core Systems workstream celebrateSM Marksd the go-live of sub modular marks for UG Modules with the first mark-entry training session for Programme Administrators.

The sessions, led by the Core Systems workstream, are being held throughout December, January and February in order to support Programme Administrators with the new mark entry processes in RISIS. Now that sub modular marks are in RISIS, the Core Systems team can continue the roll-out of a number of new screens for staff and students.

The student mark screen, which will be available on the RISIS portal, gives students access to an online summary of all summative assessment marks during the course of the year. Until now, students have only been given an overall mark for a module at the end of each year, but with this new screen they will also be able to see the breakdown of how the overall mark was achieved; this includes marks for essays, presentations, tests/quizzes, and exams. The new screen is expected to go live in late January.

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