Dear Colleagues,

This year the Electronic Management of Assessment Programme (EMA) is helping schools across the University to adopt new electronic submission, feedback and grading processes. For many schools and departments the majority of changes will be centred around programme administrative processes.

For schools or departments that have done less, or no electronic marking, there may be a greater level of change, however support is being provided by colleagues from the TEL team to ensure that the impact of this change is reduced. Training will be advertised on the Employee Self Service Portal.

Attached to this email are two documents:

  1. An Introduction for Academics to electronic submission feedback and grading.
  2. A Roles and Responsibilities Guide designed to help colleagues, both academic and support centre, to understand who does what, and when, in the electronic submission, feedback and grading processes being introduced by the EMA Programme. The guide has been produced in partnership with a large number of academic colleagues and support centre staff, as well as representatives from the TEL team, the Academic Development and Enhancement team and the Henley Business School.

Whilst it is likely that there will be small differences to these processes in some schools, the guide should help to outline the general best practice model to be adopted across the University. The processes can be adapted to support individuals who may have reasonable adjustments in place. Colleagues are asked to undertake a Display Screen Equipment Assessment and then to follow the advice given in the University policy here.

Students can now access information on the Essentials pages and information has been sent to all students in the start of term email sent out by Student Support Services.

We would be very grateful if you could assist in disseminating this message amongst colleagues in your department or school. Should you have any questions at all, please do contact me at or the EMA Programme at

Very many thanks,

Dr Emma Mayhew

Associate Professor, Politics and International Relations

Academic Director, Electronic Management of Assessment Programme

University of Reading