The first EMA Integration, between RISIS and Blackboard, successfully went live on schedule for the UK and Malaysia on Thursday 3rd January 2019.

This marks an important step forward in maximising the use and the efficiency of the core systems to support the assessment process.

Initially, this means that submission points for assessments/reassessments in Blackboard, and “integrated columns” (IC) for Turnitin assignments (in Blackboard), are now automatically created from module data transferred from RISIS.

From the second go-live on 1st February 2019, it will also mean that the majority of marks entered into Turnitin or Blackboard can be automatically transferred back to RISIS. There are a few manual workarounds which remain in place temporarily; these will be resolved in the coming weeks.

By the end of the 4th January, 342 modules had been successfully transferred to Blackboard. The number of modules flagged for transfer is increasing every day as Programme Administrators return to work after the Christmas break. Floor walkers were available for staff until Tuesday 8th January in all locations, and ongoing support from the project team is continuing beyond this.

Go Live 2 (transfer of marks to RISIS) is scheduled for 1st February and a further update will be provided then. Please contact if you would like any further information about the project.

Guidance/ Troubleshooting

  • RISIS Guidance can be found in the RISIS Helpdesk FAQs section (use the search term “sub modular assessment”)
  • Blackboard Guidance can be found on the Blackboard Help pages.