How we use your personal information

When the University of Reading’s Speech and Language Therapy Clinic collects any personal information you provide, it must comply with Data Protection laws.

All information you provide to the Clinic will be held securely and treated as confidential information. We will not disclose any information about you to anyone outside of the Clinic (for example your doctor) without asking you first unless in the exceptional circumstances given below:

  • Where we are required by a duty or law, for example a court orders us to
  • Where it is necessary for the purposes of safeguarding and public safety
  • Where you or others may be in danger, for example where there may be a significant threat of harm to yourself or others

We may also use your data in order to ensure quality of service delivery and compile statistics of how the service is used. Where any information is used or shared for these purposes it will be in aggregated formats that will not identify you to others.

Unless by exception, we keep records concerning child patients until their 25th birthday (or 26th birthday if they were 17 when the treatment concluded) at which point they will be disposed of securely. Records for adults (aged over 18 years when seen) will be disposed of securely 8 years after discharge.

Everyone has a right to request a copy of the personal information that organisations hold on them. For more information on this please visit the guidelines page.

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