Your first appointment

Expect your first appointment to be approximately an hour whether via telehealth or in person.


When you arrive, report to reception where you will get a parking permit to put in your car. Once you have done this, wait in the waiting area where your clinician will collect you and take you to the clinic room.

What to expect

Student Speech and Language Therapists are involved in our clinic throughout the process and you will have students observing or taking part in your first appointment. The students involved change each term so it is possible that you will meet a number of students if you return to us after the initial appointment. The students involved may be students in the early stages of their clinical training or those who are about to qualify.

It is also possible that your session may be observed by students doing an observation placement. These students will be in another room and you won’t meet them during the appointment. We may also video record your session via our integrated cameras. Your clinician will let you know if you are being observed from the observation room or if the session is being recorded and we will ask for your consent again.

What will happen next?

The therapist and student SLT will discuss the session with you at the end and you will jointly come up with a plan based on the assessment findings. At the end of the period of time seeing you and when we need to liaise with other health professionals we will write a report to you and send it to you password protected via email or via post, we will discuss this with you.

If you have any questions or concerns in the lead up to your appointment do not hesitate to contact us at or or on 0118 378 5539.

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