Make a referral to the paediatric clinic

Our waiting list is currently closed. Please keep checking the website as once the list is opened again, the link to make a referral will be re-activated. Thank you for your interest in our clinic.

Please note that a referral does not guarantee you will be seen.

As a student-led teaching clinic we will consider your referral and decide whether our service best suits your needs. This could mean we may not accept your referral. If your referral is declined, we will advise you of the reasons.

For those clients needing ongoing support, we will regularly review the frequency and appropriateness of our service and will communicate at regular intervals what to expect. At these intervals we will talk about how long we expect to keep working with you, if a referral to other services is relevant and what will happen if we are discharging you. This is to ensure that we are providing an optimal service to you and new people being referred to our clinics and to help with waiting list management.

Please complete the form below to refer your child. Please note that we only accept referrals from parents/carers.

This will enable us to plan and make sure that we can help in the most appropriate way.

Please also email the clinic any previous SLT reports and any reports from other professionals that may be relevant.

Thank you.


(please note that as our waiting list is currently closed, this link has been disabled)




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