LSVT Maintenance Group

For some people with Parkinson’s their voice becomes quieter and speech becomes weaker and requires more effort. This can lead to difficulties at work and at home and to frustration at having to repeat yourself all the time. Some people stop socialising because of the difficulties.

LSVT® therapy is an effective programme to increase speech volume. These improvements can be maintained up to two years after the therapy has been completed.

LSVT® can also have an impact on slowing speech rate and improving voice quality, as well as increasing facial expression and intonation. There is also some evidence that LSVT® can have a positive impact on mild swallowing difficulties.

“Thank you so much for making the sessions interesting. I think we shared a few laughs and hopefully I can keep up the good work and continue with my ‘Loud’ voice.” – A client.

The Programme

One of the key principles of LSVT® is that it is an intensive therapy program. Participants must commit to attending 16 sessions over 4 weeks with each of the sessions lasting 45 minutes – 1 hour.

Participants are also required to carry out practice every day at home and to keep practising long after the treatment has finished. Sessions are run by the SLT and sometimes with student speech and language therapist.

It may be possible to offer you LSVT® via Skype.

Keep it loud!

When you have completed your LSVT® therapy it is important not to slip back into bad habits.

The Keep it Loud groups are available for anyone who has completed the LSVT® therapy programme. We meet every three months to practise the LSVT® therapy homework tasks; share news and information; and practise using a loud voice in conversation. This is an excellent forum to meet with people with similar difficulties.

Partners are welcome to attend if they wish.

Please note: this group is hosted by the NHS speech and language therapy team and requires an NHS referral to take part.

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