EMA Integration FAQ: Multiple module occurrences


Students (e.g. visiting students, Study Abroad students) are registered on different occurrences of the same module in RISIS, with different assessment patterns.

Important information!
* All H, J, K, N, Q, V occurrences are merged into the main course (Blackboard course code ends in MOD).

* Integration will create separate assignments / Grade Centre columns for each occurrence.

If there are different assignments for each occurrence

There is no problem: you can deal with the individual assessments exactly as you would on any other course.

If some assignments are completed by all students, regardless of the occurrence

There may be compelling reasons why you do not want to create separate submission points for each occurrence.

If you have a single submission point for an assessment which will have submissions from students on multiple occurrences, exactly how you deal with that will depend on the Mode of Submission.

Any Mode of Submission that creates a Weighted Total column

Applies to: Turnitin, Blackboard Test, Discussion Board, Multi-part.

You can map one Turnitin assignment or Test to more than one Weighted Total column

e.g. all students submit to Turnitin Assignment 1. You can map that assignment to the Weighted column for occurrence A and occurrence J.

This will mean that each of those columns shows marks for all of the students on the Blackboard course. But when you come to Approve Marks, you can send only those which relate to students on the relevant occurrence.

Blackboard Assignments

This is trickier as the integration will create separate assignments, not just Grade Centre columns. But if necessary you could

  • hide the J occurrence assignment
  • manually enter marks for J occurrence students in the Grade Centre for the J occurrence assignment
  • when approving marks, send only marks for the correct students for that integrated column.


Blackboard Group Assignments

This is trickier still. You can use the same approach as above, ensuring that module B students are added to Groups, so that they can submit to the Group Assignment – and will be able to see their marks and feedback once these are released in Blackboard.

To enter a mark manually for these students against the module B assignment is exceptionally complicated. In practice, it will be simplest to enter marks for the module B students directly into RISIS.

Please talk to the TEL team for further advice!


Blackboard Blogs, Journals, Wikis

The integration will create separate gradable Blogs, Journals and Wikis for all occurrences. But you can take the same approach as outlined above for Blackboard Assignments, and manually enter the marks in the J occurrence Grade Centre column.


Helpful tip!
In any of these scenarios, if you send all of the marks, the process will reject the “wrong” marks

i.e. it will reject marks for A occurrence students on J occurrence Grade Centre columns, and vice versa.

Page last updated on September 8, 2020 by andyturner

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