Cross campus video permissions in Stream

Teaching and Learning video content for 2022/23 onwards should be stored in Yuja.

Stream Groups will not be created for Blackboard courses in 2022/23, and Stream should not be used for new Teaching and Learning content after 10th July 2022.

For updates check the TEL website.

  • These instructions are relevant where equivalent versions of University of Reading UK modules are taught at University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM).
  • Follow these instructions to enable students to view videos at the other campus.
  • Wherever possible, enrol all relevant staff on the Blackboard courses for the module at each campus.

Be aware: Sharing a Stream video link does not make it viewable. The video can only be viewed by Blackboard course members, if you add it to the module’s associated Stream Group.

Permissions need to be added to the video in Stream to allow students studying on the module to view it.
This can only be done by the video owner. (The person who uploaded the video to Stream and can see it under ‘My Contents’.)

To do this:

1. Enrol the video owner onto the Blackboard module.

The video owner will need to be enrolled with the role of Instructor, Teaching Assistant with Stream or Course Builder with Stream.

  • This makes the video creator an ‘Owner’ in the Stream Group that corresponds with the Blackboard module.
  • Wait 24 hours for the Stream Group enrolment to be updated with the Blackboard enrolment.

Which role should I choose?

  • Use ‘Teaching Assistant with Stream’ to prevent the person appearing to students in the list of module Instructors.
  • Use ‘Course Builder with Stream’ to prevent the person appearing to students in the list of module Instructors, and prevent access to the Grade Centre.

How to enrol users on a Blackboard course.

Blackboard course roles details.

See this video on how to prepare your University of Malaysia course for video sharing.

2. The video owner adds the Stream Group to the video permissions.

  • You can only add permissions to one video at a time.

How to add Stream permissions for a Blackboard module.

See this video on how to grant permission on your Stream Video so that it can be viewed on a UoRM course.

3. Make the videos available in the Blackboard module.

Once permissions have been added:

  • The videos appear in the module playlist in the ‘Microsoft Stream’ section of the module.
  • You can embed and add links to individual videos anywhere in the module.
  • Anyone who can view the video in Stream and is an Instructor, Teaching Assistant or Course Builder on the Blackboard module can embed a video.

How to embed Stream videos in a Blackboard module.

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