Recording live sessions: What do I need to know?

Both Blackboard Collaborate and Microsoft Teams Meetings have the option to record live online interactive sessions  

If you want to make a recording of an online session you need to follow the Policy for Recording and Digital Delivery of Teaching in 2020/21. This has: 

  • Considered the pedagogical, legal, accessibility, intellectual property and data protection aspects. 
  • Clarified the rights and expectations of the University, its staff and students, and third parties. 

Make specific reference to the following sections of the policy in relation to recording live interactive sessions: 

  1. Recording or live Stream of Teaching Activity.
  2. Use of Recordings.
  3. Data Protection.

Important: Recordings can only be made when strictly necessary and for a limited number of purposes.

The Requirements for Recording of Online Interactive Teaching Sessions in 2020/21 outlines when recording is permissible, and the responsibilities staff have when recording. 

Information for students is provided in Recorded sessions: legal guidance.


Remember to: 

  1. Make it clear to students a recording is taking place and inform them well in advance of the session, for example, an announcement on Blackboard or in the joining instructions. 
  2. Think about providing time in the session for students to ask questions or participate that is not recorded 
  3. Let students know who to contact in the School, if they have a concern about being included in a recording. 
  4. Get written consent from guest contributors that have been invited to teach in the session. 
  5. Only make recordings available to the intended audience and do not provide access beyond this. 
  6. Ensure your use of third party copyright protected material for Teaching and Learning is fair and reasonable. See the advice oCopyright and the virtual classroom. 
  7. Make sure the recording is accessible. 


Making recordings accessible 

Where recording of a live session has been made and it needs to be kept for longer than 14 days, a transcript or captions must be provided. This is a legal requirement.

Blackboard Collaborate  

Recordings in Blackboard Collaborate do not include captions automatically. Recording kept longer than 14 days must be downloaded from Blackboard Collaborate and uploaded into Microsoft Stream to provide automatic captioning. The recording must then be deleted from Collaborate.

Storage capacity for recordings in Collaborate is limited and any recordings should be uploaded to Microsoft Stream.

Microsoft Teams Meeting 

Teams Meetings recordings are automatically saved to Microsoft Stream and this includes automatic captioning. 


Privacy options and settings

Blackboard Collaborate

Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Recordings are uploaded to Microsoft Stream and the meeting owner can edit permissions on videos.
  • By default, recordings are only viewable by those who attended the meeting.
  • Recordings in Stream can only viewed by someone who has a University account and where they have been given permission to view it.