Transitioning from Stream to YuJa

In the new academic year 2022/23, DTS will no longer be creating Stream Groups which are associated with a Blackboard Course.

Stream content that you’ve already made available to Modules for 2021/22 and earlier will still be visible to students on those modules via their Blackboard course.
No action is required to ensure that these students have continued access. 

All video content for Teaching & Learning in 2022/23 and beyond, which would previously have been made available to students via Stream, should be made available using the University’s new Learning Capture system, called YuJa.


  • Review your videos and decide which ones you need to reuse in the coming year:
  • Videos to be used in 2022/23 need to be:
    • Downloaded from Stream and/or located on your laptop / PC
    • Uploaded to YuJa
  • Stream Videos embedded in your 2021/22 Blackboard course and copied as part of Course Rollover will need to be:
    • Removed from the 2022/23 course if the video is no longer required
    • Replaced with a link to the video in YuJa videos if still required

This article will take you through the steps involved in this.

Workflow for making video content available to students on 2022/23 modules

1. Do you plan to use the video for T&L with students in the future?

Do you plan to use your Stream video – as it stands, without making any edits – with students in 2022/23 or beyond?

  • Yes: continue to question 2.
  • No – the video is only needed for modules from 2021/22 and earlier: no action required at this time, these students will still have access to the video.
    See Preserving access to videos for 2021/22 students for further details.

2. Is the video already in YuJa?

3. Do you have a local copy of the video file?

For instance as an MP4 file in a OneDrive folder, or another location on your laptop or desktop PC.

  • Yes – I have a copy of the original video file: skip to Upload the video to YuJa.
  • No – I don’t have the original video file: you will need to download a copy of the video from Stream and then upload it to YuJa.

How to download a video from Stream

  1. You will need to be an Owner of the video in order to do this.
  2. Locate the video you want to transfer in Stream. You can do this from a video embedded video in Blackboard or by accessing Stream via
  3. Download the video via the More Actions menu.

Download video option in Stream

How to upload a video to YuJa

  1. Access YuJa via Blackboard or via – see Getting started with YuJa.
  2. Manually upload your video to YuJa.
    Give it a meaningful title and add appropriate tags.
    More detailed information on uploading to YuJa will follow soon.

Having uploaded the video to YuJa, you can make it available to your 2022/23 Blackboard modules (following Course Rollover week beginning 11th July).


Making the video available to your 2022/23 students via Blackboard

If you are planning to use your video in a 2022/23 Blackboard Module, you can embed YuJa videos into content items on the Blackboard course using the YuJa Media Chooser.

In some cases the YuJa video will be replacing a previously-embedded Stream video – see below.

Was the Stream video embedded in a 2021/22 Blackboard Module?

If your Stream video was embedded in a content area on a 2021/22 Blackboard Module and that Module was copied forward as part of Course Rollover, then links to the Stream video will have been copied forward, too.

However students on your 2022/23 Blackboard Module will not be able to watch these Stream videos, as there will be no Stream Group associated with the new Module.
So you will need to remove from the 2022/23 Blackboard course any links to Stream videos, or any content items containing an embedded Stream video.

  • You can delete the content items with Stream content, and then create a new item to embed your YuJa video .
  • Or you may prefer to update the existing content item. In this case, edit the content item: first delete the Stream video from the item, then use the YuJa Media Chooser to find your video in YuJa and embed it.

Preserving access to videos for 2021/22 students

Students who were on the 2021/22 instance of the Module will still be able to access Stream videos which were embedded in, or linked from the Blackboard course. To ensure that these students continue to have access to the content in Stream please

  • do not delete Stream videos from the Blackboard course for the 2021/22 instance of the Module
  • do not delete any videos in Stream itself.

If you need to add any new video content for these students we advise that you upload the content to YuJa, rather than Stream, to save having to transition this content in the future.

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