Turnitin LTI: New features for Markers

This guide relates only to assignments created using the new Turnitin LTI assignment tool.

Turnitin changes for markers

For all assignments with a due date of 1st August 2022 or later we are using a new version of Turnitin (Turnitin LTI 1.3).

This applies to all Blackboard courses for the academic year 2022/3, but also coursework resubmission and resit exams, Summer 2022.

For markers the changes affect:

  • How you enter the assignment inbox
  • Management of papers in the assignment inbox
  • New Analytics Dashboard
  • Locating the Rubric and QuickMarks managers

All elements of the Feedback Studio are completely unchanged.


How to enter the assignment inbox

With Turnitin LTI there is no need to access the Turnitin assignment inbox via the control panel on the Blackboard menu.  Simply click on the submission point title.

Turninitn Assignment with the titled circled to show that is the place to click to enter the Assignment Inbox

For more information see our guide: Turnitin LTI – Access and View Assignments

Marking by group

The new assignment inbox incorporates the marking group functionality by allowing you to filter by groups that exist on your Blackboard module.

Turnitin Assignment with the groups filter for marking by group

For more information see our guide: Turnitin LTI – Handling multiple markers

Manage papers in the assignment inbox

The Turnitin inbox has some new additional features such as a search function and a downloadable submission list.


Assignment Inbox search box

See our full guide for more details Turnitin LTI: Searching and Filtering the Assignment Inbox

Submission List

It is now possible to download a submission list which will show the name of non-submitters even when anonymity is turned on.

Submission List downloadable from Assignment Inbox

The Submission List is available via Download All, our guide for more details Turnitin LTI: Exporting grades and submission list

Check our guides of more inbox changes:


New Statistics Panel

The Analytics tab replaces Class Stats, and offers a comprehensive collation of statistical information on submissions and marking.  All the information can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Analytics Dashboard with bar charts and pie charts of marking and feedback data

Please see our guide for more details: Turnitin LTI – Learning Analytics Dashboard


Locating Rubric and QuickMarks Manager

The libraries tab has been removed from the Assignment Inbox in the new version of Turnitin. This means you will have to enter the Rubric/Form Manager and the QuickMarks Manager via a submitted paper in the Feedback Studio.

The plug-in Turnitin inbox with the libraries tab crossed out.

Enter the Rubric and QuickMark Manager via Feedback Studio

Open any submitted paper and open the relevant marking panel.


Rubric area in the Feedback studio with the settings cog circled.


QuickMarks area with the settings cog circled.

If there are no submissions on the course yet it is possible to either:

  • Go to a submission in the previous year’s course
  • Create a submission point and submit to it in your practice course


Enter Rubric Manger via Turnitin LTI settings

It is possible to open the Rubric Manager via the Turnitin LTI Assignment Inbox settings.

Click on the cog icon in the top right-hand corner and then Optional Settings.

Turnitin LTI Assignment Inbox with the settings panel open. The settings icon in the top right-hand corner is circled and Optional Settings link is circled.

When the “Attach a rubric” option is checked the Launch Rubric Manger button will appear.

Submission Settings for LTI Turnitin with Attach Rubric and Launch Rubric Manger settings circled.

This launches the version of the rubric manager that was previously accessed via the Rubric/Form Manger tab.

Rubric Manager open with rubric showing.

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