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Reusing Blackboard original tests in Ultra courses

It is possible to reuse tests created in Blackboard Learn original in your Learn Ultra course. Please be aware that some question types are not in Ultra courses, any questions in these types will not copy. Please see our guide on Tests in Blackboard Ultra: Key changes for further details.

Guide content:

Copy Test Checklist

1: Are the tests deployed on the course?

Tests in Blackboard Learn original are created and saved in Test area and then “deployed” in a content area. To use the Ultra copy content function to copy your tests they will need to be deployed in a content area on the course so that you can find them in the copy item page.

2: Are the questions types in the test supported in Ultra?

These question types are not available in Ultra and will not copy:

Question Type

Ultra possible alternative

File Response Essay Question
Jumbled Sentence Fill in the Blanks Question
Opinion Scale/Likert Use this question type in Ultra forms
Ordering Matching Question
Quiz Bowl

These question types are not available in Ultra but will copy as a different question type:



Copy Notes

Either/Or True/False Question  Copies as a True/False question, however, alternative text (yes/no, wrong/right etc. ) will copy.
Short Answer Essay Question
Multiple Answer Multiple Choice It is possible to assign multiple correct answers to MCQs in Ultra so these will copy correctly.

3: Does the Test use Pools, do multiple Tests use the same Pool?

In original Pools are used in Test as

  • Question Sets or
  • Random Block sets

When copying a test that uses a Pool the Pool with convert to an Ultra Question Bank. If multiple tests use one Pool copy them all at the same time to avoid creating duplicate Question Banks.

4: Are all your questions in a Pool

In original Pools are found in the Tests, Surveys and Pools area. If you keep all your questions in Pools you may wish to copy the whole Pool into Ultra. When using the copy function you will find Pools in the Question Banks folder.

Copying Options

There are two options when moving your test questions to your Blackboard Ultra course.

  • Using the Copy function

You can copy tests and Question Banks (named Pools in Blackboard Learn original) from your original course to your Ultra course by using the copy function on the add content menu in the course content of your Ultra.See our guide Copy a Test or Question Bank to Ultra.

  • Using the Export/Import function

Export the question pool in Blackboard original and Import it as a Question Bank into your Ultra course. See our guide Export/Import Question Banks.

Post-copy Checks

Some test and test question settings will not copy into Ultra Courses.  We recommend that you check the test via the Student Preview function to confirm that it has been set up as required. What will/won’t copy from my Original modules

What will or won’t copy from Original module Tests:


Outcome after copying

Question and answer text Copies successfully. You may notice differences in formatting.
Images/files within question text Copies successfully.
Text feedback for correct/incorrect answers Copies successfully. You may notice differences in formatting.
Images within feedback for correct/incorrect answers. These will not copy and will need to be re-added.
Feedback for individual answers Feedback for individual answers in Ultra Course view is not possible. This feedback will not copy across.
Points per question Copies successfully.
Partial credit Copies but correct answer scores will always be weighted evenly.
Negative marking Multiple Choice/Answer negative marking options will copy but you cannot have a score below 0 in Ultra Course View. The scoring for multiple answer questions has changed (see the comparison guide linked to below). Negative marking options for matching questions will copy and you can have a score below 0 in Ultra Course View.
Example answers (in Essay and Short Answer questions) Example answers are not supported in Ultra Course view. These will not copy across.
Show answers in a random order This is now a test level setting which will need to be enabled on the copied Test.
Test instructions These will not copy and will need to be re-added.
Text accompanying link to test Copies successfully.
Question pools Question Pools and Tests containing questions linked to Question Pools can be copied. Note Question Pools are called Question Banks in Ultra Course View modules.

Guide last updated on May 16, 2024

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