Hello to a new CONNECTED

This summer, we are excited to launch CONNECTED – a new digital magazine for graduates of the University that will highlight some of the ways our global community is impacting the world’s most pressing issues across teaching, research and our inspiring alumni.

The Climate Issue

Launching in June with The Climate Issue, CONNECTED will showcase our very best research in the field of meteorology and environmental science. There will be exclusive interviews with academics and alumni, each of whom are helping to shape the world’s response to climate change at this crucial time.

With new interviews, articles and news stories released weekly, our aim is to share many reasons to be proud of your University, whether you graduated last year or 70 years ago. What’s more, we want to hear from you – we want to know about your achievements in life, academia and work.

A new issue of CONNECTED will be released in the autumn and our ambition is to produce three editions of the digital magazine every year, giving you access to up-to-date news and stories all year round.

Director of Alumni and Supporter Engagement, Dylan Parkes, said:

“The launch of our new digital magazine is very exciting as we develop better ways to share the most engaging stories with all of our alumni about what is happening at the University of Reading.

“By providing an online home for news about our world-leading research, alongside stories about the achievements of our alumni, ways that individuals can get involved with the University and a chance for more than a little reminiscing, we hope to make it much easier for all members of our global alumni community to stay connected with the University.”

Stay connected

So please register on CONNECTED to view bespoke content we hope you’ll love, sign-up to receive our monthly emails highlighting the latest stories and follow us on our social media networks. But most of all, please keep coming back and checking in and we’ll keep you informed of the latest reunions, international events, alumni lectures and ways for you to stay connected.

Thank you.

The Alumni and Supporter Engagement team