On Wednesday 27th June the EMA Programme held one of our regular ‘Breakfast Briefings’. These sessions are an opportunity to bring colleagues together from professional services across the University to update them on the progress of the Core Systems, eSFG and Integration aspects of EMA.

For Core Systems, EMA colleagues outlined what the next steps would be for undergraduate modules; a focus on preparing for the next academic year and building on the great work done so far by all involved. It’s also the time to bring Postgraduate Taught and Foundation sub modular marks into SITS (RISIS). A lot of work is currently being done (and will continue over the coming months) to get them ready for September. The Team also provided an update on future plans, including; the roll out of EMA at foundation level for UoRM in January 2019, and hard-copy receipting and formative turnaround times, both expected in September.

For eSFG, there was the chance for attendees to view an example assessment, submission, feedback and grading matrix, and to start thinking about how this might work for their School. There will be opportunities to feedback at future meetings with the project team. For Integration, a brief overview was provided, including an update on the type of work colleagues may be asked to contribute to.

Finally, colleagues from the TEL Team provided an update on training opportunities, for both Support Centres colleagues and Academics, to increase knowledge and confidence in using Turnitin and Blackboard (with the added incentive that chocolate would be provided!). There was also a reminder to check out the TEL support website and view the online courses available.

We hope that these sessions continue to be useful for staff. If anyone has any comments about the structure of the sessions then please let us know.

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