About Quickmarks

A ‘quickmark’ is a tailor-made bubble comment which tutors tend to use repeatedly when marking and which can be stored in your personal ‘quickmark manager’ on the Feedback Studio so you can simply drag and drop onto assignments time and time again. There are some comments which tend to be common with tutors, particularly across the arts, humanities and social sciences, and these often focus on topics such as referencing, structure, style and critical analysis. A quickmark can provide feedback on these generic issues very efficiently but, because it is used repeatedly, it needs to be of maximum use to any student who reads it. Using hyperlinks to informative websites is a good way of doing this.

Download Quickmarks

A group of colleagues from Study Advice and the EMA Programme team have produced four sets of generic quickmarks on the topics of referencing, structure, style and critical analysis. Most of them contain hyperlinks to sections of the study advice website where students can find further help with the area of development identified.

You can download these quickmark sets on our Quickmarks page.