The EMA Programme and the Academic Tutor System are working collaboratively to support student success and progression.

A significant piece of work within the EMA programme has been to record individual summative assessment marks for each piece of assessment (or ‘sub modular marks’) on RISIS. This was driven, in part, by the need to provide timely and more detailed assessment data throughout the year to Academic Tutors. Previously only overall module marks were available on RISIS and they were only accessible at the end of the academic year. This was too late for Tutors to understand their tutees’ progression and to identify any concerns surrounding academic performance. Tutors are now more able to assist students in reflecting on their academic progress to date, working with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in relation to academic study and encouraging students to use all opportunities to develop a broad range of skills. Academic Tutors also support students to review and reflect holistically on feedback they have received on assessed work, identifying steps they can take to improve their performance in future assessments.

The development of the Student Progress Dashboard will provide additional graphical and tabular information to Academic Tutors to enable further discussion around student expectations, student engagement, analysis of feedback trends and personal goal setting. This will further enhance the quality of academic support available to all students. This is in a design stage and it is hoped that the first iteration of the Progress Dashboard will be available to Tutors in April 2019.

You can read more about the Academic Tutor System here.