Integration between Blackboard and RISIS – Go-Live on 3rd January!


The “go-live” of the integration between RISIS and Blackboard is scheduled to start at 09:00hrs on Thursday 3rd January 2019. This will automatically create submission points for Blackboard assessments, and integrated columns (IC) for Turnitin assignments (in Blackboard).

This will also mean that, from 1st February 2019, the majority of marks entered into Turnitin or Blackboard will be automatically transferred from RISIS, when flagged/mapped by Programme Administrators as ready. Any marks entered prior to 1st February will continue to be manually entered into RISIS.

An email will be sent to all Programme Administrators at 08:45 on 3rd January to confirm go-live has been successful. Floor walkers will be available during the first 4 days following go-live in each Support Centres to assist with issues. Any issues related to integration must be logged via Topdesk ( giving as much detail as possible and providing screen shots if possible

This integration marks an important step forward in maximising the use and the efficiency of our core systems to support the assessment process.

Guidance/ Troubleshooting: