The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented shift to homeworking and online teaching for the University. This page shares examples of how colleagues from across the institution have adapted to new ways of working.

Organising a Peer Review Event of Synchronous Online Teaching

Read Vicky Collins approach to addressing the challenges of remote learning, student engagement and new technology within ISLI. This article details an internal peer review event on the theme of ‘Managing synchronous online teaching.

The impact of COVID upon practical classes in Part 1 chemistry – an opportunity to redevelop a core module

This article outlines the re-design, necessitated partly due to COVID-19, that was undertaken for the Part 1 chemistry module, CH1PRA, which services approximately 45 students per year.

Can Online Learning Facilitate Meaningful Interpersonal Connection?

Shelley Harris reflects on the experience of taking Employability events online for creative writing students

Promoting and Tracking Student Engagement on an Online Undergraduate Pre-sessional Course

This case study outlines approaches to fostering an active learning environment on the University’s first fully online Undergraduate Pre-sessional Course.

Misconceptions About Flipped Learning

Ed Tew shares his thoughts in the final of his three posts on flipped learning.

Flipped learning – ‘In-class flipped’

Ed Tew shares the ‘in-class flipped’ idea and explores ways to apply it in an online platform such as Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Running Virtual Focus Groups – Investigating the Student Experience of the Academic Tutor System

Find out how, whilst in lockdown, Amanda Millmore measured the impact of the new Academic Tutor System (ATS) on students in the School of Law, capturing their experiences, both good and bad, with a view to making improvements.

How ISLI’s Assessment Team created an online oral exam for the Test of English for Educational Purposes (TEEP)

This case study outlines ISLI’s process of creating a version of the Test of English for Educational Purposes (TEEP) for 1-1 online delivery.

Flipped learning revisited

Dr Edward Tew reflects on Flipped Learning and its application during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How ISLI moved to full online teaching in four weeks

Find out more how ISLI moved to full online teaching in four weeks.

Taking Academic Language and Literacy Courses Online

This case study outlines the process of rapidly converting the Academic English Programme (AEP) to online, and reports student feedback and reflections on the experience.

Still Learning Together

Find out how Professor Cindy Becker created a YouTube channel to reassure students that she is still here, still wants to teach them, and is as keen to stay in touch as they are.

Virtual Field Classes

Find out how SAGES provided their students with the field-based teaching elements of their courses when access to sites was impossible.

Take-home exams: gauging the student experience

Dr Alison MacLeod from SAGES outlines her experience of running an 100% online exam.

How did it go? What was the student opinion? Did they hate it? Would there be a mass protest? Read more to find out.

From Face to Face to Online in two weeks – Changing the delivery mode of the Academic Practice Programme

This account explores how the Academic Practice Team re-designed three full days of face to face teaching from the Academic Practice Programme into two mornings of synchronous online teaching using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.