MS Stream: Groups

Microsoft Groups are used to manage permissions to content in Stream.

There are two types of Group you are likely to have access to

1. Groups which correspond to a Team

A Microsoft Group is created automatically when a Team is created in Microsoft Teams.

As a rule of thumb, people who are listed as the Owner of a Team will also be an Owner in the related Microsoft / Stream Group. They can add other staff or students to the Team, share video content with the Group, and create Channels within the Group.

Those who are Members of a Team, will also be Members of the Stream Group. They do not have editing rights, and may not have permissions to share video content with the Group.

2. Groups which correspond to a Blackboard course

DTS create a Stream Group for every 2020/21 Blackboard course representing one or more modules (i.e. all courses ending 20-1MOD).

Instructors on the Blackboard course are Owners of the Microsoft / Stream Group. They can share video content with the Group – and thus with their students – and create Channels within the Group.

All other staff and student course members are Members of the Stream Group.

These Stream Groups have a name in the format COURSE_<Blackboard Course ID>
e.g COURSE_EC123-20-1MOD

Important – preventing students from sharing videos with the Group:
When the Stream Groups are created they allow any member – including students – to share videos with the rest of the Group. You will almost certainly want to disable this.
See Prevent students from uploading videos to your Stream Channel


The name of the Group should not be changed.
Do not change the group name as this will cause issues with the Blackboard integration and other applications for the group.


Do not delete the Group in Stream
It goes without saying that, if you delete the Group in Stream, your students will lose all access to the videos which had been shared with it.
Do not ever select this option!

Screenshot of the option to delete a Stream Group - do not ever press this

How to delete a Group in Stream – do not ever press this!


Please note: you cannot go directly into Stream and add Owners or Members to these Groups. Membership of these Groups is controlled entirely by the Blackboard-Stream integration. If appropriate you can grant access to Stream videos by enrolling additional users onto your Blackboard course. You could also share your videos with specific named individuals.


For further details see

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