How accessible is Padlet?

The Padlet website answers some questions on Accessibility and Padlet.

Image of a Padlet with the title Accessibility and Padlet

Does Padlet support screen readers?

Yes, Padlet are basically compatible with screen reader software (such as Apple VoiceOver), but are working on becoming even more accessible as they tailor content to screen readers.

Does Padlet provide low vision colour contrast?

Not at this time. They are working on it. For now, we recommend you download a web extension such as High Contrast for Chrome to increase contrast on Padlet pages or ensure you have selected a high contrast colour theme.

Does Padlet provide keyboard access?

Currently, you can navigate the login page and the dashboard using only your keyboard. Padlets can be viewed, but settings cannot be changed. They are working on keyboard compatibility for settings, post creation, post editing, and post expansion.

What are the supported browsers for Padlet applications?

Padlet works on the following devices and browsers. Padlet requires Javascript and CSS to run.

Is Padlet mobile-friendly?

Yes, Padlet can be used with a mobile device but users will have a more accessible experience using the browser version compared to the mobile app. Here’s how to log in to Padlet on mobile.

Image of Padlet showing on a Mobile phone

For image descriptions and video captioning you may find these workarounds helpful.

Does Padlet enable you to tag images?

Not at this time.  We suggest that if using images, a description is provided in the text box.

Can I add text to videos?

Although you cannot add captioning, you could upload the script from a video recorded into Padlet, as an attachment.


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