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Padlet (university license)

Padlet is an online pinboard app for collecting student responses, such as text comments, images, multimedia, files and links. Use Padlet to support group discussions, Q&A, research tasks, voting and polling.

Key information

The University Padlet licence is available to Blackboard and Canvas users; it allows you to:
– create an unlimited number of padlets
– deploy padlets in Blackboard Ultra via the Content Market
– import padlets from other existing Padlet accounts

We recommend that you ask students to activate their university Padlet license (activation link on student’s Blackboard homepage). This is the most secure way to share padlets & ensures accurate post attribution.

How it works?

You will need to activate your university Padlet account:

1. Login to Blackboard, go to Home
2. Scroll down and click the Padlet account activation link
2. Follow ‘Getting started’ instructions: How to make & share padlets.

Once your account is activated, you can access Padlet via Blackboard Ultra > Content Market or visit www.universityofreading.padlet.org.

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Guide last updated on July 8, 2024

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