Last week’s T&L seminar, by Dr Neil Morris, on the use of technology in enhancing the student experience was a superb overview of the array of technology that our students seem to be familiar with and that many institutions are incorporating into teaching.  A key highlight for me was the data that Neil was able to share with us to dispel some of the myths and highlight some benefits of a relatively simple addition to our teaching (that many of us may already be using) – the use of audio recording lectures.

Based on a sample of 120 students (data yet to be published):

  • 76% have listened to more than half of the lecture audio recordings available to them
  • On average students listened to audio recordings of lectures twice
  • 73% indicated that the availability of audio recordings did not influence their attendance
  • 93% thought they were important.
  • 60% were happy with the unedited version
  • 84% used the recordings to write detailed lecture notes (ideally the students want the recordings available within an hour of the end of the lecture as this is when they are writing their notes up).

Add to this the published data that use of audio recordings improves exam results (Morris, 2010) and it really did hit home that this is an “easy win” in the use of technology in enhancing the student experience.

Morris, N.P. (2010) Podcasts and mobile assessment enhance student learning experience and academic performance. Bioscience Education. Vol. 16.

You can view the slides from Dr Morris’ seminar here