The Digital Development Forum in July was an ideal opportunity to begin sharing some of the thinking and planning around Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) that has been happening over the last 6 months.

In January 2013 the TEL Strategy Group was established, chaired by Professor Gavin Brooks and with representation from across the University.   The Strategy Group has met 4 times to date.  In addition, Professor Julian Park (Associate Dean Teaching and Learning for Faculty of Life Sciences), Kara Swift (VP Academic Affairs 2012-2013) and myself have been part of the ‘Changing the Learning Landscape’ programme, a national initiative to help universities develop their thinking and practice around TEL.  This has involved participating in a series of workshops, and meeting and sharing practice with colleagues from other HEIs.

So what has been the output from this?  

We have identified 3 strands of activity that we feel are crucial to Reading’s TEL development:

  • To further embed existing technologies, underpinned by expectations of use – we want to ensure that our current technologies are fit for purpose and being used to the full
  • To develop and explore new areas of TEL activity and other technologies – we want to look to the future and ensure that we keep pace and, at times, lead the way
  • To embed and support the above with foundational and cross-cutting initiatives – we want to ensure that all TEL initiatives are appropriately supported and underpinned

Within each strand, we have identified 2 priority areas and created projects to take these forward.  All 6 projects will have a nominated lead; the lead will then involve other staff to support and progress the project.  Some projects are well underway, while others are in the early stages.

In addition, an audit has also been undertaken (drawing on the Digitally Ready project, as well as interviews with other universities and national surveys) to help understand our current position.

So what next? 

In the Autumn term there will be some formal communications to the whole University from the PVC Teaching and Learning about the TEL vision and activity.

With respect to the 6 projects, expect to hear more as they gather pace.   We will be inviting you to get involved – your input will be crucial in informing the direction and ensuring that TEL meets your and your students’ needs.

My presentation from the event is available on Yammer

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