The following video series give an orientation in key tools used for remote teaching.

  • Find somewhere quiet, with a neutral background
  • Prepare a short list of talking points
  • Don't be afraid to say 'um'
  • Keep videos as close to 5 minutes as possible
  • Don't spend too much time on your videos - 5 minutes spent on a 5 minute video is fine

We recommend using a laptop and webcam to record, rather than your phone, to make it easier to export to mp4 - a much more manageable filtype.

Prepare yourself for synchronous teaching using Blackboard Collaborate with our Help Index.

Find out how to use Blackboard Collaborate for your teaching.

Find your way around quickly with this 1 minute orientation:

Create formative assessments and check your students' understanding remotely with Blackboard Tests.

To find out more about Tests, you can get started with our guide to Tests and Surveys..

Blackboard Discussion Boards can act as a place to hold FAQs, peer discussion and much more. Here's where to find them in your course.

For further instruction, see our TEL article: Create a Discussion Board for your course.

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