Here you’ll find information about using and making the most of the Blackboard Collaborate webinar/video conferencing tool.

For pedagogical guidance on webinars, please see the Online Teaching Toolkit: Using Webinars

For a comparison of features in Blackboard Collaborate and MS Teams, see What webinar tool do I use?






Collaborate Ultra Troubleshooting

  • Supported browsers
  • Collaborate not loading
    If you are trying to join a session but the purple wheel keeps spinning for longer than usual, please ensure “Third Party Cookies” are not being blocked by your browser. To fix the issue, please go to browser settings and change the setting to allow “Third Party cookies”.

Best Practice for PowerPoint Files in Blackboard Collaborate

Keep the PowerPoint slides simple (not too decorative). Ensure the file size is less than 65MB. If possible convert the PowerPoint file to PDF and upload the PDF version. [ Note: If your PowerPoint slides get restructured in Collaborate and don’t render properly, please consider converting PowerPoint to PDF ].