Using personal capture to supplement lectures and address FAQs

Will Hughes – School of Built Environment (Construction Management & Engineering) Overview The personal capture pilot project helped me to develop and test ideas to advance what I had been previously trying using YouTube. One important lesson for me was that shorter duration videos better engage students. I also learned how to record videos featuring […]

Using personal capture as a method of coaching

Ed Collins – School of Agriculture, Policy & Development Overview Personal capture software was used as a method of coaching, facilitating good study practice and identifying milestones for students in order to develop excellent assignments over two modules at undergraduate level. The impact of the project delivered was two-fold. From a student’s perspective, it enabled […]

Use of personal capture to enhance the module selection process in Mathematics and Statistics

Calvin James Smith – Department of Maths & Statistics Overview We created short videos advertising the content of modules to enable students to make more informed choices during the module selection process. Staff reported mixed experiences and interest in Mediasite personal capture so other mechanisms were also used (e.g. Camtasia, use of camcorder). Student feedback […]

Accessible Professional Skills Training through Personal Capture: Museums, archives, rare books and heritage sites

Dr Rhianedd Smith – University Museums & Special Collections Services Overview This project looked at creating extension videos to help people to access behind-the-scenes and professional skills from museums and heritage sites which could not be delivered in class. It also allowed revision for skills which might be lost due to issues around memory in […]

Using personal capture to support students to learn practical theory outside of the laboratory

Dr Geraldine (Jay) Mulley – School of Biological Sciences   Overview I produced four screen casts to encourage students to better prepare for practical classes and to reinforce practical theory taught in class. Approximately 45% of the cohort watched at least some of the video content, mainly in the few days leading up to the practical […]

Creating screen-casts to support students with using Microsoft Excel

Gita Persand – Henley Business School Overview The main motivation for me to use personal capture was to create short videos (lasting six to seven minutes), explaining various financial concepts in Excel. I teach Financial Modelling (a practical hands-on module, taught in a computer lab) to Part 2 students, for which I created the videos using the Mediasite software. I then uploaded them to Blackboard (via a video library) for this module. I was consulting with colleagues working with me on using […]

Creating a screen-cast to support students posting to a blog

Elisabeth Koenigshofer – School of Literature & Languages Overview As part of the Personal Capture Pilot Project, I had many ideas to create videos for my students to enhance their learning. Eventually, I created one video that students could refer to if they needed support when adding a post to a blog on Blackboard, which was one […]

Creating screen-casts to enable students to catch up

Jo Stringer – Henley Business School (Real Estate & Planning) Overview I created catch-up screen-casts for the first two live sessions of my postgraduate Law module. These enabled students to catch-up live sessions missed.  The screen-casts were accessed by 25% of the students and the feedback was very positive. Key finding: the students want more recorded […]

Building bridges and smoothing edges

Patrick Finnegan – School of Economics, Politics & International Relations Overview My use of the personal capture scheme was intended to enhance our teaching methods within the department. My initial aims of building additional video capture material into the ongoing lecture series did not come through but I was able to use the capture package […]