Please note that the following resources support staff with Blackboard Tests being run during the summer term (2020) for In-Class Tests and Exams. They show:

  1. How to create a test
  2. How to deploy a test
  3. How students complete test
  4. Resources to help staff with trouble-shooting during test completion
  5. How to mark a test / a non-automatically marked question

Tests: Roles and Responsibilities

Academics are responsible for test content and ensuring that tests are set up correctly. Academics should liaise with their Programme Administrator in good time before the exam date to clarify roles or arrange additional support, for example, to ensure tests are set up correctly or deploy the test in the Blackboard module.

Recommended Settings for Tests

This Recommended Settings for Blackboard Tests during Exams document lists the settings to use when creating and deploying Blackboard Tests for exams and should be adhered to wherever possible. Any academic needing to deviate from these settings for any reason should liaise with their Senior Programme Administrator. 

1. How to create a Test 

Screen-cast (5:30 mins)

Useful guides referenced in the screen-cast: 

Additional guides – Timed tests:

Additional guides – Question management:

Additional guides – Scoring:

2. How to deploy a Test 

Screen-cast (7:49 mins)

3. Students complete the Test

Screen-cast (3 mins)

Students have access to guidance on how to complete and submit a Blackboard Test. You can find this on the TEL Support site for Students: Blackboard Tests

4. Trouble-shooting

The following guides may be of use should a student have a technical difficulty whilst completing or submitting a test attempt and require staff intervention:

5. Marking the Test

Screencast (8:40 mins)

Marking and moderating Blackboard Tests


An Introduction to Blackboard Tests (for Take Home Exams) screen-casts (alternative to webinar)

Watch this short series of 5 screen-casts (taking less than 30 minutes) which replicates the content covered in the live TEL staff development webinar.