Guidance for schools/departments

This checklist is designed as a list of tasks to help schools/departments ensure a smooth transition of Blackboard modules when existing staff leave, and other staff join the module. It is up to schools/departments to decide who completes the tasks listed (programme administrators, executive support, academic staff) as per their particular induction processes.

We would suggest staff who are leaving, and who cannot personally induct colleagues into the Blackboard module, leave a set of notes to help them as they become a convenor or join the course.


  1. Enrol/unenrol staff
  2. Ensure staff joining the module have video permissions
  3. Ensure staff joining the module have access to original editable content

1.    Enrol/unenrol staff


2.    Video permissions

*Please note: some of the information in this section may change once the YuJa learning capture system has been fully rolled out in 2022/23.

Microsoft Stream

Outgoing staff should ensure that there is at least one other Owner for all teaching content they have stored in Stream, so that this content can be managed as appropriate in future.

Ownership permissions should be given to at least one of the following:

  • Staff member who will be taking over your role (if they already have a UoR account)
  • Module Convenor
  • Teaching colleague on the module
  • Programme Administrator

See Making a colleague the owner of your Stream videos


YuJa will replace Stream for teaching and learning content in 2022/23.

If departing staff have already created content in YuJa for 2021/22, they should assign ownership permissions to at least one other colleague.

To make someone an Owner, share your YuJa video and assign ‘Full Access’ – see YuJa – Sharing Media.

Unlike Stream, in YuJa you can share multiple videos at once – see YuJa – Using bulk media management


In order to meet our accessibility obligations, Collaborate recordings containing teaching content must be downloaded and uploaded to Stream or YuJa, then shared with a colleague as described above. All recordings should be deleted from Collaborate.
See Blackboard Collaborate – Accessing Recordings


3.    Content – access to original editable content

Ensure new staff have access to the originals of essential module content in an editable format, e.g. share your presentations as PowerPoint files, not as a PDF, so that new staff can edit/amend the content as necessary.

Third party content

Check the source of third-party content can be accessed by the new Module Convenor. For example, do you need to share:

Also check for materials purchased directly from publishers: in some cases, you may need to extract the content and upload it to university systems.

Always check copyright permissions before using third-party content and services; you can get advice from IMPS or the Library prior to uploading content to university systems.

If you have any questions or need any further advice about this, please log a ticket via the DTS Self-Service Portal or email DTS, titling your query TEL: Blackboard module handover help.

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