EMA Integration FAQs

Introduction to EMA Integration (Grades Journey)

What is the EMA (RISIS-Blackboard) Integration?

What changes were introduced by the Enhanced Grades Journey? (Sep 2019)

Setting up assessments in RISIS

EMA Integration Checklist (Word document)

How do I flag a module as ready in RISIS?

What if I don’t yet have all the required information for an assessment?

Managing assessments in Blackboard

What will the Integration create in Blackboard?

What if I my course menu doesn’t have an ‘Assessment’ area?

What do I need to do once Integration has run?

How do I map a Weighted Total column to an assignment?

Should Integrated Columns be shown to students?

Approving marks

How are marks sent from Blackboard to RISIS?

How do I approve marks to be sent from Blackboard to RISIS?



How does the Integration deal with


Errors and inconsistencies

What do I need to do with the daily Consistency and Exception reports?

How do I change assessment details after Integration has run?

EMA Integration Known Issues