The start date defaults to the time initially set up the assignment but you can set the start date to be a later date when you are creating the assignment.

If you need to change this later on, you will need to edit the adaptive release within the Backboard content item menu.

The due date and start date for the post-deadline submission point would normally both be the same as the official deadline for this assignment. However Turnitin will not now allow you to set the due date as the same as the start date. Therefore, please set the post-deadline due date as 1 minute later than the official deadline.

for example

on-time assignment due date 12:00
post-deadline assignment start date 12:00due date 12:01

You may need to change the time before the date to allow you to select the due date.

Use the Send Reminder function the in the Blackboard column. This sends an automated email to any students who have not yet submitted.

A copy is also sent to instructors on the course.

We have created a guide Turnitin LTI: Changes for Markers.

Once users have accessed the assignment inbox, and found where to open the papers, there is no further difference with the Feedback Studio.

Turnitin have changed what happens when the Feedback Release Date is reached - the Grade Centre column for the assignment will currently no longer automatically become visible to students (As was the case with the older version of Turnitin - we hope this will be updated soon).

Turnitin LTI has no Type of Assignment identifier to use in Smart Views. You will need to create Smart View using groups for both the Grade Centre and assignment inbox samples.

When you upload on behalf of a student the green success banner will not include the option to download the submission reciept.

If the submission point is hidden, students will also not be able to access the assignment to download this for themselves.

To send the reciept to the student go into the Feedback Studio and download the assignment reciept from there. If the assignment is anonymous, you can sort the inbox by date and time in order to find the paper you have just submitted.

The cloud submission options allow users to link their One Drive, Google Drive or Drop Box to the assignment in order to navigate their files and submit their work if they have saved them in these cloud storage. Users may have to do this every time they submit.

The file type has to be a supported file type.

Using cloud submission treats any submitted file the same as any locally submitted file. It creates a pdf version of the file in the Feedback Studio. The document is not live – such as a Teams or Sharepoint document, and so the submission time and date are the final versions. They cannot be edited later by the student within the cloud document.

If Late submissions are allowed, then students submitting for the first time will be allowed to submit. This will be indicated red with the date and time of submission.

If late submissions are not allowed: If students can access the inbox, they will be told they Cannot Upload Submission.

If a student accesses the submission area and clicks Upload Submission before the submission deadline has passed they will be able to upload their work, but not necessarily submit.

Screenshot of Choose File and Title screen

When Upload and Review is selected they will then recieve the following message:

Screenshot of error message 'Oops there was an error during the upload'.

When they click Go Back, their work will have been removed from the upload screen.

When users try to upload again the same cycle of error and file clearing will occur. The message is not clear as to why there was an error, and could lead students not to fully understand the deadline has passed. Only when they exit the submission point, and try again will they be told they are Cannot Upload Submission.

The previous version of Turnitin allowed users to click on the student name and see all their submitted assignments and similarity scores within that module.

Sadly this is not a feature with LTI. You can now see using the Blackboard Grade Centre which assignments the student has submitted to (even currently anonymous ones). If their paper has been deleted from the Assignment Inbox it still show a Needs Marking icon indicating when the original submission was made.

Once in an assignment, you will need to search for the student name or paper ID.

Page last updated on July 22, 2022 by Asif Muhammad

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