We're improving lighting

Here is a small selection of the type of projects we undertake to ensure we meet our carbon reduction commitments. If you would like more information on any of the projects below, or a more comprehensive list of all our projects, do feel free to email us.

Solar Panels

In summer 2017, we installed 20 kW of solar PV for our new Bourne and Berry Brook accomodation blocks at the Greenlands Henley Business School, with the buildings’ heating and hot water provided from low carbon air source heat pumps.  This summer, we will be installing a significant 160 kW of subsidy-free solar PV panels on the Edith Morley and Wager buildings on Whiteknights; the first we hope of more systems to come as panel prices continue to fall. The panels on Edith Morley will allow us to generate up to 60% of the buildings energy requirement on a weekday and at weekends, when the energy use in the building is less, we'll be generating more energy than the building needs so green electricity will feed other buildings close by.

Added to that, we are exploring the potential for an innovative water source heat pump at Greenlands.  Whilst there are many hurdles still to overcome, renewables are increasingly becoming ‘business as usual’ and if our heat pump project proves viable and gains the appropriate support and approvals, renewable energy will be another significant tool in delivering a sustainable, low carbon University.

Fume Cupboards

We have upgraded our fume cupboard ventilation systems across our estate to deliver significant annual energy savings, of 1,110 tCO2 and £316,680 (at 2016 rates), 17% better than we originally predicted!  This project is one of the single largest contributors to reducing our carbon footprint, and has won several national sustainability awards.  Watch our video for a quick overview:

Compressor Upgrades

Compressors in the Chemistry and Food Bioscience buildings have been replaced for more efficient, variable speed equivalents. This is delivering annual savings of 66 tCO2, a little below the original target savings of 72 tCO2 but still delivering a payback on the investment in just 3.7 years.

Lighting Replacements

One of the most noticeable types of project we undertake is lighting replacements. By replacing old, inefficient lighting with new LED technology, we can see significant reductions in energy usage. In addition, by installing effective controls, we can make sure the lights are only on when needed. Recent improvements have been undertaken in JJ Thomson, TOB1 and RUSU.

HVAC Improvement

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been improved by installing modern controllers and optimising them for current building uses. Measurements have indicated savings of 12% across eight of the buildings, making a strong start towards the 898 tCO2 savings goal.

Behaviour & Awareness

The two popular ‘Blackout’ switch off events and the ‘How Long Can You Go?’ competition have shown the potential for energy savings out of hours and during close periods such as Christmas.  Increasingly, switch offs are being automated too, with the rollout of the PC power management software to a further 864 PCs in 2016, delivering 25 tCO2 and £6,100 annual savings.