Sustainability Champions Network

As part of the Our Future First sustainable behaviours programme, a network of sustainability champions has been set up across all schools and functions with the University. Champions are volunteers who care about sustainability and want to work collaboratively to make a positive difference, helping to reduce the environmental impact of their department and the University.

Our champions are integral to the Our Future First programme - they inspire others; influence departmental decisions to factor in sustainability; act as our 'eyes and ears' across campus to identify opportunities for improvements; and share ideas, listen and learn from each other - all of which supports our vision of embedding sustainability into our everyday actions, decision making and culture.

Become a Sustainability Champion

If you are passionate about sustainability and our environment, determined to make a difference and able to work with others to influence collective change we want you! Joining our sustainability champions network will enable you to develop personally and professionally as well as become part of an inspiring community of like minded people -  find out more here.

Please contact us at to register your interest, or get in touch directly with the lead champion for your department.

“The Our Future First initiative and the role of the Sustainability Champions was really appealing: something that was institutionally supported, collectively responsible and highly proactive, and where the results are immediate, tangible and visible. The engagement and feedback from colleagues has been incredible and has created a community of collaborative solution-seekers and innovative idea creators across all our sites.”

Victoria Stevens, Lead Sustainability Champion

Become a Sustainability Ambassador

Not quite ready to commit to being a champion but want to learn more? We also have a sustainability ambassador scheme designed to help those interested in developing their sustainability knowledge and learn more about what actions they can take to support sustainability. To become an ambassador, you will need to take part in at least 4 of our themed sustainability drop in sessions per year. This may be enough for you, but can also be a useful stepping stone to later becoming a sustainability champion if you would like to, as demonstrated on our sustainability progression plan designed to take you from apprentice to coach, or whatever level you want to get to!

Please contact us at to register your interest.

Here are our current sustainability champions, with our huge thanks from Sustainability Services to you all!


  • School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy, lead champion: Stephen Elmore (Associate Professor) -
  • Henley Business School, lead champion: David Stannard (Director of Administration) -
  • School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences, lead champion: Bill Collins (Professor of Climate Processes) -
  • School of Law, lead champion: Kyriaki Noussia (Associate Professor) -
  • School of Agriculture Policy & Development, lead champion: Louise Hutchinson (Technician) -
  • School of Agriculture Policy & Development, lead champion: Julian Park (Professor) -
  • School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science, lead champion: Heather Browning (Executive Administration Manager) -
  • School of Humanities, lead champion: Gail Marshall (Head of School) -
  • School of Literature and Languages, lead champion: Tony Capstick (Associate Professor) -
  • Institute of Education, lead champion: Jo Anna Reed Johnson (Associate Professor) -
  • School of Politics, Economics & International Relations, lead champion: David Marshall (Associate Professor) -
  • School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences, lead champion: Sara Fincham Majumdar (Lecturer) -
  • School of Built Environment, lead champion: Eugene Mohareb (Associate Professor) -
  • School of Biological Sciences, lead Champion: Glyn Barrett (Lecturer) -
  • School of Biological Sciences, lead Champion: Charlie Collingham (Postdoctoral Research Assistant) -
  • School of Arts & Communication Design: Simone Knox (Associate Professor) -
  • International Study and Languages Institute (ISLI): Lauren Andrews (NUIST Programme Coordinator) -
  • Graduate School, lead champion: Elena Bedisti (Director of Graduate School Services) -
  • Graduate School, lead champion: Jon Lloyd (Recruitment and Marketing Manager - Postgraduate Research) -


  • Campus Commerce lead champion: Matt Tebbit (Head of Bars and Dining) -
  • DTS, lead champion: Henrik Brogger (Director of Digital Operations and Service Delivery) -
  • DTS, lead champion: Kevin Mortimer (Head of Operations) -
  • Estates, lead champion: Marcus McDonnell (Campus Services Director) -
  • Estates, champion: Lal Urala Gamage (Building Support Officer) -
  • Estates, champion: Lesely Hennigan (Building Support Officer) -
  • Estates, champion: Katy Lanxon (Space Management and Data Officer) -
  • Procurement, lead champion: Erin Cooper (Business Manager) -
  • Human Resources, lead champion: Layla Tatar (Campus Jobs Deputy Manager) -
  • VC Office, Governance Services & Planning & Strategy, lead champion: Elisha Bird (Executive Administration Officer) -
  • VC Office, Governance Services & Planning & Strategy, lead champion: Tom Oliver (Professor) -
  • Technical Services, lead champion: Andy Whittam (Technical Manager- Operations) -
  • Technical Services, lead champion: Scott O'Brien (Associate Director - Operations) -
  • Marketing and Communications and Engagement, lead champion: Tish Gauci (Fundraising Project Manager) -
  • Marketing and Communications and Engagement, lead champion: James Mutton (Senior Designer) -
  • Marketing and Communications and Engagement, lead champion: Julia Smalley (Alumni & Supporter Communication Officer) -
  • Marketing and Communications and Engagement, lead champion: Sara Lovejoy (Digital Campaigns and Engagement Officer) -
  • University Library and Collections Services, lead champion: Victoria Stevens (Paper Conservator) -
  • Research Services, lead champion: Domonique Davis (Impact Development Officer) -
  • Research Services, lead champion: Ali Brown (Assistant Research Development Manager) -
  • Finance, lead champion: Dawn Lord (Financial Accounts Assistant) -
  • Global Recruitment and Admissions, lead champion: Edit Liebhardt (Regional Recruitment and Access Manager) -
  • Global Recruitment and Admissions, lead champion: Caitlin O’Connor (Administrator) -
  • Student Services, lead champion: Jacqui Payne (Acting Director of Careers and Employability) -
  • Sports Park, lead champion: Kris Morgan-Jones (Duty Manager) -
  • Reading Students' Union, lead champion: Zena Facherty (Head of People) -

Please see the files section of the Our Future First Teams channel for further resources including:

  • Sustainability champions toolkit
  • Sustainability comms campaigns
  • Quarterly network meeting / programme progress update materials
  • Sustainability champions scorecard
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