Reporting issues and flytipping

General issues

Spotted lots of litter?  Issues with overflowing wheelie bins or internal bins?  Let us know at

Reporting flytipping

If you catch someone flytipping rubbish on University premises, phone Security Services immediately on 0118 378 7799.  Let them know what you have seen and follow their advice.

Before you take any other action, make sure it is safe to do so.  Be extremely careful as some wastes can be hazardous.  Do not open black bags or drums, and be aware that waste could be contaminated or hiding dangerous materials (e.g. asbestos or needles).  Take photos - but if you catch someone in the act remember they are doing something illegal and are unlikely to welcome people observing them, taking photos or making notes!

Also report fly tipping to the Estates Helpdesk (x7000) or so it can be investigated and cleaned up. Please record and report the following information:

  1. Today’s date
  2. Did you just discover the waste or actually see it being fly-tipped?
  3. Day, date and time that you discovered the waste or saw it being fly-tipped.
  4. Location (proximity to water, watercourses etc.) e.g. place, landmark, street, town, grid reference.
  5. A description of the waste e.g. bag, drum, fridge, tyres, building waste. Is there any evidence of pollution etc. resulting from the waste? Is it loose and does it need containing?
  6. The quantity or volume of waste e.g. number of bags, a van load, multiple loads.
  7. Is there any obvious evidence to say where the waste came from or the producer?
  8. If you saw the waste being fly-tipped – what information can you provide…
  9. Have there been any actions made to prevent fly tipping?
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