Water Management

SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation logoWater is a precious and limited resource and the University is committed to managing its water use effectively. Since 2011/12, the University has made significant reductions in its non-residential water consumption; achieving a 26% cut, saving 288,810 m3 and £489,385 on a cumulative basis.  In 2017, it committed to extending this to between 30% and 35% on an absolute basis by 2021, which at a time of growth for the University are ambitious.

Residential (halls) water consumption has grown significantly over this period, which is to be expected with over 1,500 additional bedroom spaces in the onsite halls of residence.  In overall terms, this has meant there has been a net increase in water consumption since 2011/12.  UPP, the halls provider at the University, has committed to a 5% per capita reduction by 2021.  Delivering this, together with a 35% absolute reduction in the non-residential estate, will see overall consumption drop back to 2011/12 levels.

You can read more about the latest targets in our Water Management Plan 2022-2026.

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