We think that re-use at the University is really important.  Find out more about how to get involved and what is happening!

Re-use it with Warp-it

The University has a re-use portal (called Warp-it) for staff to use to find items, as well as offer items to other Schools/Functions.  Find out out how to get involved!



Re-use it with UniGreenScheme

The University is working with an equipment reseller to help staff find new homes for items outside of the University, rather than having to throw it away!  Find out more here.



The benefits of re-use

The University recognises that re-use benefits the University and the local community.  Find out about the benefits of re-use, and how this is supported by the University's Re-use Policy.



Curious about what else the University is doing to support re-use?  Read on...


Last year in 2016/17, staff helped us to re-use 5.4t of items (mostly furniture), which is a huge amount!  However, we would like to do more. 

The University has committed to improving re-use by 10% (against a 2015/16 baseline) by 2021, in order to improve a culture of re-use rather than disposal.  In real terms this means that we need to be re-using 9.35 by 2021!  This target is set out in the University's Waste Strategy 2021.

There are ways you can get involved.  We are encouraging staff and students to consider re-usable cups and bottles to cut down on single-use paper cups and plastic bottles.  Find out more about this here.  Sustain it! bottles are already available through Catering outlets - save money on fizzy drinks and help cut waste at the same time!  Find out more on our news blog here.  We are also working with the University Catering Team to investigate re-usable cups for hot drinks, more information will be made available about this as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you can still bring any re-usable cup to University Catering outlets and receive a 5% discount on your hot drinks.  

But its also important to get involved with the University's Re-Use Portal too, known as Warp-it.  There is more information on this above. 

Join in - make a change, and Sustain it!