Our Future First

Our Future First is the University’s sustainable behaviours programme which will embed sustainability into our culture, with everyone playing their part to create collective, positive change for our community and our planet.

  • Why: To address the dual challenges of meeting our sustainability commitment to become Net Zero Carbon by 2030 and tackling rapidly rising energy costs.
  • Who: Develop a network of sustainability champions across all schools and fucntions on Whiteknights, London Road and Greenlands.
  • How: Collaborate, listen, share, teach, learn, inspire, connect, evolve, celebrate - everyone working together to take small actions which collectively have a big impact.

We can all do our bit - we invite you to take action and support the creation of a culture of sustainability at our University. We can all be involved by:

  • Being open to change – challenge the norm. Seek and embrace opportunities to embed sustainability in a way that works for your school/function.
  • Collaborate – bring together knowledge, ideas, and experiences from across our community to find solutions.
  • Lead by example – inspire others and help create the cultural change needed to meet our goals.
  • Continually improve – keep taking small steps forward. We won’t always get it right first time, and even when we do, things will evolve.
  • Empower – develop your understanding so you can influence and lead others.

If you are passionate about sustainability and our environment, determined to make a difference and able to work with others to influence collective change we want you! Joining our sustainability champions network will enable you to develop personally and professionally as well as become part of an inspiring community of like minded people. You can find out more here or by emailing sustainability@reading.ac.uk.

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