Our Future First

Our Future First is the University’s sustainable behaviours programme which aims to help colleagues and our community work together to take small steps to be kinder to the environment, which will collectively create a big impact. This is driven by our vision to embed the principles of sustainability into our culture, with everyone playing their part in making a positive difference for people and for planet.

  • Why: To address the dual challenges of meeting our sustainability commitment to become Net Zero Carbon by 2030 and tackling rapidly rising energy costs.
  • How: Collaborate, listen, share, teach, learn, inspire, connect, evolve, celebrate - everyone working together to take small actions which collectively have a big impact.
  • Who: Network of sustainability champions to help embed sustainability into their respective areas in conjunction with Sustainability Services, supporting others to take more sustainable actions.
  • When: Now - we will take this journey to evolve in line with the needs of the University’s communities in the short, medium and long term.
  • Where: All schools and functions across Whiteknights, London Road and Greenlands.

We can all play our part in supporting the creation of a culture of sustainability within the University by embodying the following behaviours and attitudes.

  • Be open to change – challenge the norm. Seek and embrace opportunities to embed sustainability in a way that works for your school/function.
  • Collaborate – bring together knowledge, ideas, and experiences from across our community to find solutions.
  • Lead by example – inspire others and help create the cultural change needed to meet our goals.
  • Continually improve – keep taking small steps forward. We won’t always get it right first time, and even when we do, things will evolve.
  • Be accountable – develop your understanding so you can feel empowered to influence and lead others.

To celebrate the launch of our programme we would love everyone to join us in setting an 'Our Future First' sustainability resolution. For resolutions set and shared with us in January 2023 via the Doing UoR Bit platform (you can sign up here), participants will be entered into a raffle with a chance of winning a £50 voucher! We will also be creating a resolution inspiration board to share your resolutions at an exhibition event in the library foyer on Wednesday 1st February (11am - 1.30pm), where members of our sustainability team will also be in attendance to talk sustainability and answer any questions you have. We hope to see as many of you there as possible, and hope you will feel inspired take your own sustainable actions, however small.

We are also currently working with all schools and functions across the University to develop the sustainability champions network, and already have a number of champions on board. If you are interested in becoming a sustainability champion, please get in touch with us at sustainability@reading.ac.uk.

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