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Embedding sustainability within your department

Here at Sustainability Services, we’re always keen to work with Schools and Functions to embed sustainability across the University. We were delighted to receive an email from a colleague in Computer Science who updated us on the great work their department has been undertaking.

During the past three years, Computer Science has refurbished the majority of the academic rooms, labs and student common rooms with reclaimed furniture advertised on our Warp-it platform. Warp-it is an online portal for members of staff to offer items they no longer need for other Schools and Functions to claim and reuse. You can sign up here to see what’s available or advertise items you no longer need.

The department has also worked with the University Marketing, Communication and Engagement department to design new noticeboard headers and door labels designed and printed. Computer Science is the only department to specifically request that these be printed using sustainable materials.

On a similar note, since spring 2019 staff working in Computer Science decided not to have anything laminated before they were displayed – this included the posters final year and placement students produced.

As our colleagues in Computer Science have demonstrated, small changes can have a bigger collective impact and we are looking forward to seeing what else they achieve.

Sustainability does not always have to be on a grand scale, nor does it have to be radical. Small and simple changes in the office can pave the way for a more sustainable future and if you can involve your friends and colleagues even better!

If you’d like to tell us your sustainability story, drop us a line at You can also log your actions for sustainability on our Jump platform for the chance to win some great prizes.

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