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Get the 360 to 3sixty

There is now a free 360 bus service on Wednesday and Saturday nights to support students wanting to attend union event nights. This is a partnership initiative between RUSU and Reading Buses, with support from the University of Reading. The service operates up to every 11 minutes from 22:00 to 02:30 throughout term time. The 360 route includes the main off campus student residential areas (around Wokingham Road and Erleigh Road) and then back onto campus – enabling safe and convenient travel to and from Student Union events.

The new bus service also has added benefits by providing a safe way to travel back home, helping to reduce noise in the local community and improve access for students with mobility issues. The venture also aims to increase the attractiveness of union nights by enabling safe and convenient travel. This ultimately will benefit all students as RUSU’s charitable status means that all profits will be reinvested into enhancing Reading students’ experience.

This idea for this innovative initiative came from current RUSU President Ben Knowles, who wanted to improve access to this venue in a sustainable way. He strongly supports bus travel and recognises the importance of introducing students to sustainable modes of travel to raise awareness of alternatives that can reduce their carbon impact. If more sustainable travel methods can be embedded whilst students attend the University, this has huge benefits for both the institution and local community.

Please see here for more information on bus travel around Reading, 360 timetable and route.

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